Due to new worldwide customs shipment regulations, it is now expected of all exporting companies to apply for an export code in order to further proceed couriering items. As you know, World Luxury Hotel Awards was previously able to provide you with a convenient shipment method to deliver your merchandise ordered. Unfortunately for now we will not be able to provide and arrange this convenient service to you, as we are in the process of applying for the export code and have been informed by the South African Revenue Service that it will take a great deal of time to have all of this sorted before we can courier items again.

Therefore, should you wish to place an order for a trophy/plaque/flag, you are still more than welcome to do so, but will, unfortunately, be responsible to arrange the courier yourself. We would highly recommend that you make use of our courier company- Aramex. They are a globally well-known shipping company which we have made use of for many years and are very happy with their service. Should you wish to make use of Aramex, please contact finance@luxuryhotelawards.com.

Please do not stress – it is a very simple process and we are happy to help in every way we can.