Nanjo City, Japan

Hyakuna Garan

1299-1 Hyakuna Yamashitahara, Tamagusuku-Aza, Nanjo City, Okinawa, JapanGoogle Maps

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The place only the nature is visible. The place only the nature sounds can be heard.

“HYAKUNAGARAN” is located about 35 minutes from Naha Airport by a car. Changing from the urban loudness, it is standing at the tip of the cape where the sea and the mountains spread.

The mansion aimed at the fusion with nature, is built with Japanese-Ryukyu mixed style used plenty of Okinawa materials such as red titles, Ryukyu limestone and CHAGI and so on. The mansion is such as a luxury hotel drifted with a rich emotion rather than a resort hotel.

By the breathtaking view of 220 degrees, you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset at the same location. On a sunny day, you can enjoy watching the largest sacred place of Ryukyu --- KUDAKA Island on the east, and the fishing port --- Oujima on the west.

Hyakuna Garan

Features & Facilities

  • Restaurants
  • Wedding Facilities & Services
  • Pool
  • Library
  • Air Conditioning
  • Breakfast
  • Coffee & Tea Facilities
  • Dining